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Three Tips to Welcome New Members

One of the things I take great pride in as an entrepreneur is finding the right team to create value, and I nailed it again! I’m so excited to introduce our newest team member who will be focused on your success using PropFuel. Meet Melissa.

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Give Your Staff Conversational Superpowers With the PropFuel Integration

With this new Rhythm - PropFuel integration, you have the ability to create queries in Rhythm that feed contacts directly into PropFuel conversational engagement campaigns. These campaigns allow you to ask questions of your members, capture the Voice of the Member through structured and unstructured responses, and take immediate action with automated workflows.

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We're Growing and We Need Your Help

Today, my partner, Cameron and I are building another software company called PropFuel, and not only do I love the product, but I also love our clients, and I really love working with our team. There are 4 of us here. Bri runs marketing. Ryan sells. Cam makes the software work. And I get to play with our clients. But, Ryan is selling a lot and we're growing quite fast now. I need some help.

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