Understand your members with the first Voice of the Member Platform built specifically for Associations
Step 1

Connect to Your AMS

Leverage key member profile and activity data from your AMS to automate member enrollment in custom feedback campaigns.  PropFuel’s AMS connectors require no coding or IT support and can be turned on in less than 1 minute.

No seriously.......it's just that easy. Skeptical? Click below to read more.

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Step 2

Create Your Campaign

Flexible Scheduling Options

Campaigns bring together feedback check-ins, incorporating  questions, which are automatically delivered via email. Choose from schedule-based campaigns, which deliver check-ins on set dates or sequence-based campaigns, which are fluid and deliver check-ins according to the workflow you design. Using PropFuel, you can easily align your campaign with your goals and objectives.

Automatically Add Members to Campaigns

Targeted segmentation is key to driving feedback. PropFuel's connectors include campaign triggers, which are easily configurable conditions that automate member enrollment in each campaign.

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Step 3

Run Campaign and Analyze Feedback

With PropFuel you can launch unlimited simultaneous feedback campaigns, allowing for highly targeted member feedback. Administrators may leverage an intuitive dashboard to manage campaigns and drill into insights and analytics. PropFuel includes visual analytics, configurable reporting and AI-powered insights.

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Step 4

Take Action

Actionable Insights

Using AI-powered sentiment analysis and keyword extraction, PropFuel helps isolate feedback from individual members, which requires attention. Data visualization and drill-downs make it easy to view summary feedback data, which can be used to put global improvements in place with products and services.

Automatically Act On Member Feedback

Administrators can establish defined events and conditions based upon how members interact with campaigns and the specific feedback responses they provide, which trigger automated actions, such as: campaign branching, custom question follow ups, outbound connectors to external systems and check-in landing pages with customized content and/or re-targeting connectors.

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