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Case Study: $45k in Conference Revenue from a Single Question

Dave Will
October 8, 2020

There are 5 campaigns we're seeing our clients do over and over to drive revenue:

  1. Member Acquisition
  2. New Member Onboarding and Retention
  3. Renewal Campaign
  4. Conference Registration Campaign
  5. Lapsed and Dormant Members

Today's focus is on #4 - The Conference Registration Drive.

In this particular case study, this organization had exhausted their database with several email blasts about their upcoming virtual conference. They had done pretty well but hadn't quite hit their goal. They discovered PropFuel towards the end of their marketing campaign and had time for one more quick blast before their conference began.

As most of you know, PropFuel has a certain methodology that starts with a question and leads people to relevant content based on how they answer. We call it the ASK, CAPTURE ACT Method.

See how this science-based educational organization did with their one last ditch effort to hit their metric, this time using PropFuel.


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