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I Didn't Say We Should Kill Him!

Dave Will
September 24, 2020

Have you seen that silly video in social media that shows the importance of HOW we say things? Every single word, when emphasized, can change the meaning of what we're saying. It just show's how important "context" is when interacting with people. Transactions and words alone mean very little. It's understanding the meaning and the context behind them that's critical.

Watch this. Maybe you'll understand better what I mean:

Imagine being the person on the other side of that statement, "I didn't say we should kill him." Depending on what word I emphasize, my response will be significantly different. The same is true with anyone you engage in life. Context provides as much if not more value to a dialog than the words themselves.

So let's apply this to your typical engagement with members. Someone is a student, or a retired member... Or they just received their certification. We know something about them, but we lack the context as to WHY they received their certification, or if they're planning on leaving the industry even though they retired. Or perhaps a student is switching careers because she doesn't have a mentor or someone to guide her.

Context, or understanding a little more about the transaction is really helpful when trying to respond with a relevant message.

PropFuel offers our platform with a proprietary process of ASK, CAPTURE, ACT to understand context and create custom workflows that will help drive relevant  engagement with your constituents.

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