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Introducing the Conversational Inbox

Brianne Wheeler
October 13, 2021

I am so thrilled to type this sentence: The Conversational Inbox is here!

Our development team has been hard at work to bring you this brand-new concept in PropFuel, built to allow you to continue the conversation with your members after their initial response to a campaign.

Traditional broadcast emails, and outbound emails sent from marketing automation workflows, are largely static. The action of sending the email is designed for a one-way flow of information, from association to member.

If a member needs something in follow up to the broadcast, they could communicate directly with a member of your staff. In that case, all visibility into that conversation is lost, and it now lives, siloed, in one of your team member's email inboxes.

With the Conversational Inbox, an outbound email to members is simply the start of a potential personal, two-way conversation.

When a member responds to a campaign and they are unsatisfied, needs help with something, or wants you to call them and help them renew, with the Conversational Inbox you can:

· Reply directly in the platform.
· Collaborate with team members on conversations.
· Add internal comments.
· Tag conversations.

Your entire conversation, no matter the team member who responds, is threaded inside PropFuel entirely. And once the member’s need is satisfied, you can archive the conversation and move on to the next member need.

That’s just the beginning of our plans for the Conversational Inbox. Think additional functionality and channels, coming very soon!

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