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Marketing is Broken

Dave Will
September 15, 2020

There's a simple human formula that we all use when engaging each other. It's so natural we don't even know we're doing it.


We ask a question, capture the answer for context, and act on what we hear.

But, to date, most marketing just starts with the ACT. We send stuff to people or make suggestions hoping that we got the context down and they click on something. Context is currently an educated guess based on personas, demographics, segments and transactional data. So our marketing efforts are broken. My guess is because to date no one has figured out how to do it better at scale.

Humans were designed to ASK, CAPTURE and ACT.

Unknowingly, we designed our Contextual Engagement Platform to work this way. Ask a question. Capture the context. Then apply unique actions based on the answer.

My old friend (both old and long time friend), Jerry, helped me see this when he asked me about our implementation process. I told him we ask a lot of questions to pull out the low hanging fruit and then base our implementation on that. And he said, oh, so kind of like how your platform works? Ask. Capture. Act.

There was a long pause as the wires connected for me and I agreed.

After further discussion with my team, the realization went even further than that to acknowledging that's just how human engagement works, yet traditional marketing doesn't use that process. It's broken.

That's why we say "Engagement starts with a question." Because it's how humans are designed to engage. Are your marketing systems and processes behaving like old marketing systems and processes? or are they embracing the human process to ASK, CAPTURE and ACT?

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