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Membership Moments of Context to Drive Personalization

Dave Will
September 15, 2020

Currently, most organizations put their customers or members into segments and talk to them as a group of people with the same needs. But as an individual, our needs are changing all the time, so the likelihood of an organization guessing correctly and sending relevant information is very low.

That's why creating MOMENTS OF CONTEXT throughout the member journey is important. If you can identify the critical moments in the member journey, then you can drill down even further with a single question that will lead to you understanding what an individual needs right then and there. That's "Contextual Engagement" and that's truly a personalized interaction.

A Moment of Context is where critical moments in the member journey meets context. It's takes the transactional data and wraps a whole bunch of context around it. It answers the question why? and what for? 

The biggest 2 opportunities to create a Moments of Context are when a member joins your association and when they choose not to renew. The more context we have around each of those decision points, the more likely we are to be able to act on it with relevance. Of course, other Moment's of Context can be created around registering for an event or certification, finishing an event or certification, accessing your community or LMS for the first time, volunteering, etc... If we can wrap individual context around these transactions, we have a much better understanding of how to engage the individual.

At each of these critical moments, it's important to understand what drove them to that point and why they made the decision they did. If you can put that context around their action, you now know way more than the transactional data will tell you and you can service them with very specific and relevant actions.

How do we create Moments of Context? You ask a question.

That's where a system like PropFuel thrives. There are triggers in your AMS that tell our platform when someone reaches a critical moment in the member journey. Based on the particular trigger, our Platform ASKS a question, CAPTURES the context, and ACTS on it with specific workflows to maximize the opportunity to serve the individual.

For example, when someone joins your association, send them a question asking why they joined, thus putting context around that moment in their journey and utilize a workflow to direct them specifically to content related to their answer. 

When a member is 90 days out from renewal, send them a question asking what they value most in their membership and what could you be doing better, which puts context around that moment in the member journey.... That leads to a renewal page if they're happy and sends an alert if they're not.

As we create Moments of Context and a better understanding around the context of transactions, we can drive a significant bump in member acquisition, retention, renewals and regaining lapsed and dormant members.

The gold is in the Contextual Engagement.

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