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PropFuel and Marketing Automation

Brianne Wheeler
December 17, 2020

PropFuel delivers fresh possibilities for member engagement - a new way to incorporate the voice of each member into your interactions and act with immediacy across your membership.

You might be thinking, “My marketing automation system already does that.” While there are common threads in functionality between PropFuel and marketing automation systems - such as outbound email, “if this/ then that” workflows and behavioral data measurement, including opens, clicks and downloads - organizations use PropFuel to achieve different engagement outcomes entirely.

PropFuel enables true two-way engagement between your organization and your members. Your current systems aren’t designed to do that. PropFuel campaigns open a digital dialogue with each individual member over email, which takes into account, but goes far beyond, measuring what they purchase and what actions they take. The result is a more in-depth, rich type of actionable data that is sourced directly from your members’ voices.

It is likely that your organizational data comes not only from your marketing automation system, but from many other sources too, including the AMS/CRM, communications platforms, analytics intelligence systems, learning management platforms and survey tools. We love all of this data, regardless of from where it originates; and, we know it can be a challenge to make sense of it to better engage your members.

The PropFuel platform does two unique things with your data. First, it connects with ease (really!) to your current systems to utilize the data you already have as a trigger for engagement. Secondly, the data you capture in PropFuel campaigns can be written back to your systems, lending context to why your members do what they do, building more accurate member profiles, exposing immediate revenue opportunities and allowing for a deeper level of engagement with your members.

Engaging your members with PropFuel is core to your membership strategy, in addition to and beyond your automation efforts. Engagement today requires an understanding of what members want and why they act (or not) - directly from their own voices - and the ability for your organization to act on it with immediacy. PropFuel opens the door to next level engagement for your organization, at scale and with ease.

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