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Stop Frankensteining!

Ashley Wucher
June 25, 2021

The movement is real and you’re all a part of it. Basic awareness of “Conversational Engagement” is a sign that you’re involved in this movement to engage your members in conversation, almost as if they’re real people. Well actually, they are, aren’t they?

As the movement grows, so do we.

I couldn’t be more proud to introduce you to another teammate here at PropFuel, Ashley Wucher, yet another association exec woo’d by the glamour of a startup software company.

She’s amazing. Wait until you meet her.



When I interviewed for a position with PropFuel a few weeks ago, I told Dave that I wanted to be part of the team because PropFuel is the tool I needed but didn’t have for the past eight years as an association marketer. I’ve always known how important it was to communicate with members, but for so long I relied on products that only communicated to my members. Member engagement was low and falling faster each day, even with the best tools and talent available to our communication team. And with hundreds of emails hitting members’ inboxes each day, many association marketers are finding themselves in the same situation.

What’s worse: members are feeling the disconnect, too. In fact, we’ve all heard members tell us they need more communication while at the same time saying that we’re sending too many emails—and they’re not wrong.

But how can I be sending both too many and not enough emails, at the same time? The answer is simple—because we aren’t sending the right type of communication.

If you’re reading this, chances are you already knew that, but this PropFuel newbie is still coming to terms with the notion that I’ve been communicating with my members all wrong for so many years. I’ve been using email like a broadcast tool instead of seeing the value in its original purpose—as a two-way communication device. Sure, there are applications for mass emails (e.g., office closure announcements, event updates, etc.), but to truly engage our members, we should be approaching member emails like conversations.

For example, if a member walked into your office inquiring about maximizing the benefits available to them, you wouldn’t hand them a set of pamphlets and send them on their way. Of course not! You would engage them in a conversation, asking them about their needs so you could frame your pitch accordingly. And that’s exactly what PropFuel does. That is, it allows you to ask the member a question, capture what they are telling you, and then let’s you act on those answers, just like you would in a face-to-face setting.

I joined PropFuel because I believe in the product’s ability to improve how you communicate with your future and current members, especially in an increasingly virtual world. Like me, you’ve likely resorted to “frankensteining” programs to create a rudimentary and messy version of what PropFuel already does. That’s why I am not only thrilled to have found PropFuel, but to also be the newest member of the team.

I’m one week in as PropFuel’s newest Client Success Manager and am learning so much more than I ever thought; I’d love to learn from you too. Please reach out with any ideas, questions, or suggestions anytime at

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