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Tactical Actions to Drive Engagement: 20 Minute Video

Dave Will
October 29, 2020

We at PropFuel are a little obsessed with engagement, and we're constantly looking at ways to improve organizations' engagement with members. If you’re a marketer interested in learning new engagement tactics, or an existing client wanting new ideas to utilize PropFuel, check out this webinar we recently delivered:

Contextual Engagement is the process of ASKING questions, CAPTURING context, and ACTING immediately on member needs. It helps organizations engage members with more relevance and personalization throughout the member journey.

In this quick 20 minute presentation (plus Q&A), we discuss what actions can be taken that makes contextual engagement more effective than current methods. Specifically, we cover:

-The Ask-Capture-Act process
-Workflows that drive member action
-Client examples

Take a listen!

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