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The Hierarchy of Conversational Engagement

Dave Will
February 25, 2021

Most organizations have systems to broadcast communications out to their members. Broadcasts allow us to disseminate information to groups of people based on behavioral and transactional data. But, they're powered by guesswork, one way and usually a dead end.

Unfortunately most organizations send broadcast emails because they don't have a mechanism to actually interact with individual members. Of course, when someone's upset enough or if there's a problem, they'll find a way to "talk" to you. Or perhaps you send emails out inviting members to reply back or schedule a time to talk sometime, but do they?

Conversational engagement is about finding and acting on opportunities for 2-way interaction with members. With traditional marketing and engagement tactics, the one-to-one connection is sporadic and by happenstance. With conversational engagement, you’re purposely harvesting connections with individuals.

Conversational engagement starts with a question. When someone answers the question, a series of actions fire to provide the person with a more relevant experience. Looking at the Hierarchy of Conversational Engagement above, you can see the levels of engagement leading from the initial question all the way to 1-to-1 human interaction.


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