Team Cadence

Ask questions to your employees on a regular cadence

Utilize our question bank or create your own questions

Team Survey questions allow your team to give private feedback to leadership

Group Discussion questions get your whole team talking together

Customer Cadence

Create multiple cadences to reach each customer with the questions and frequency that makes sense

Allows you to ask a mix of quantitative questions (including NPS) as well as qualitative questions asking for more detailed feedback

Insights Dashboard

See all of your customer and employee feedback in one place

View quantitative rating averages and distribution graphs

Segment data by date, question, or person to identify trends over time

Dig into detailed text responses to gain insight beyond simple rating averages


Dive in to a customer or employee profile to see a full question and response history

Includes feedback as well as props given and received by employee

Employee Recognition

Peer to Peer recognition allows your team to give props and celebrate wins together

Create props from customer feedback to make sure praise from your customers is passed along to your employees

Regular prompts to reinforce a culture of recognition in your company


Allow your employees to give props and feedback directly in Slack


Use Zapier to integration PropFuel over 1000 other apps