Segment your stakeholders and target them with specific questions in a campaign

Create and run as many campaigns as you want

Create drip campaigns that play out in a sequence, or schedule questions on a specific date

Utilize our question bank or create your own questions


Questions can be answered directly in email

Mobile friendly, nothing to install, no login, no barriers

Easy to use, see much higher response rates than a traditional survey

Insights Dashboard

See all of your feedback in one place

View quantitative rating averages and distribution graphs

Segment data by date, question, or person to identify trends over time

Dig into detailed text responses to gain insight beyond simple rating averages


Dive in to a contact to see a full question and response history

View all upcoming check-ins

Add/Remove from campaigns

Staff Engagement

Your members aren't the only ones who need to be engaged, we've got some special features for your staff as well

Peer to Peer recognition allows your team to give props and celebrate wins together

Group discussions get everyone talking together about a fun or strategic topic


We integrate with your AMS, CRM, Marketing Automation, or Community platforms

Allow your employees to give props and feedback directly in Slack

Use Zapier to integration PropFuel over 1000 other apps

We believe PropFuel will help us reduce our new member attrition with better first year engagement. And I love that I can use PropFuel to get feedback and watch my 17 staff members give props to each other.

Maria Connors

Director of Operations and Member Services