Automated continuous feedback

Deliver drip sequence and scheduled campaigns or choose to embed campaigns wherever your members are.

AMS Connectors

Target your members when it matters

Create triggers, which read key member profile and activity data from your AMS to automate member enrollment in custom feedback campaigns.

Advanced analytics

AI-Powered data you can act on

Leverage actionable insights, including sentiment analysis, keyword extraction and advanced drill-downs.

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Feedback Campaigns

Unlimited Possibilities

Create and run as many campaigns as you want, without any limitations.

Targeted Segmentation

Segment your members and constituents, targeting them with specific questions in each campaign.

Collect Feedback Everywhere

Collect more timely feedback and understand how you can create a better user experience, by embedding PropFuel campaigns anywhere - your online community, your website, in the receipt after a store purchase, your career center or anywhere else you would like.

Campaign Delivery

Create drip campaigns, which are delivered in a custom sequence or create a schedule of questions, which are delivered on specific dates.

Campaign Questions

Utilize our curated question bank or create your own custom questions. Work from multiple question types, including NPS.

Feedback Check-ins

Answering Made Easy

Members can easily respond to campaign check-ins directly within email


Built with a responsive design framework, PropFuel enables members to quickly respond on any device, with no barriers

User-Friendly Design

PropFuel's intuitive user experience invites members to provide feedback, driving higher response rates

Feedback Automation

Automate the delivery of each campaign check-in with PropFuel and even configure smart reminders to send to non-respondents

Insights and Analytics


See all of your feedback centrally located in one place

Data Visualization

View quantitative rating averages and distribution graphs

Configurable Data Views

Easily segment data by date, question, person or any custom fields mapped from your AMS.

Detailed Text Response Analysis

Drill down into text responses with PropFuel's AI-powered sentiment analysis and keyword extraction.

Member Profiles

See a comprehensive view of each members' question and response history, along with all upcoming check-ins.


Events and Conditions

Using advanced email analytics and detailed response criteria, to determine personalized actions within each feedback campaign.

Campaign Branching

Establish branching logic actions, to intelligently remove members from campaigns, add them to campaigns or branch them to other campaigns.

Outbound Connectors

Trigger PropFuel actions which connect with your other apps, creating powerful workflows across the entire member lifecycle.

Question Follow Up Actions

Strategically act on feedback with automated custom follow-up questions.

Customized Check-in Landing Pages

Use powerful content management tools to create check-in landing pages with customized content and messaging based upon responses provided or hook in retargeting software such as Facebook's Pixel, Feathr and others.

Connect Your Feedback Campaigns to Your AMS with Ease

We call our integrations connectors, because they aren't your traditional integrations. PropFuel's AMS connectors take less than 1 minute to turn on and require no customization or programming. Experience the freedom of integrations that work!

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