Collect Feedback When It Matters

Align Targeted Feedback Campaigns with Key Phases of the Membership Lifecycle

New Member Engagement

Use PropFuel to run a drip campaign to welcome new members with questions throughout their first year.

What is your main reason for being a member of our association?

Follow Up Question: Is there another reason?
It's been a few weeks since you joined the association, have you learned anything new about your profession or the industry?

Follow Up Question: What have you learned?
"PropFuel is helping us improve our new member retention with better first year engagement"
Maria Connors
Director of Operations and Member Services
Infusion Nurses Society

Member Retention

Use PropFuel to run a campaign sequence to continually monitor your members' experience and perceived return on their investment with your association.

Do you get a good return on your investment as a member of our association? (Rate 1 to 5)

Follow Up Question: What could we do better?
Do you personally know someone to reach out to on the staff of our association if you need help?

Follow Up Question: Who is it?
"PropFuel helps me figure out which members need my attention and when. I’ve reached out to frustrated members who felt disconnected and unheard and have built lasting relationships."
Scott Douglas
Sr. Director of Membership and Business Development
National Strength and Conditioning Association

Lapsed Members

Gather feedback from members to understand why they have not renewed their membership and/or how you can win them back.

Are you aware that your membership has lapsed?

Follow Up Question: What can we do to get you to renew with our association?
Would a discounted membership bring you back as a members?

Follow Up Question: What dollar amount is membership worth to you?
"PropFuel is our key to reinvigorating contractors that have let their membership lapse"
Brenda Reigle
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Utility Contractors Association

Traditionally, association's see 7-10% response rates for member surveys. With PropFuel, our clients are experiencing these game-changing response rates to their feedback campaigns.