We all know strong member engagement is key to the success of an association

So how do you engage your members? You probably use tools that help you talk at them, giving them more and more information, maybe it's even personalized.
But is that really enough in a world where information is everywhere, freely available to all?
We believe effective member engagement is achieved by building meaningful relationships with your members, making them feel connected to your organization.
Authentic engagement is a two way conversation
So what is missing from your member engagement toolkit?

Member Driven Engagement

Segment your members and ask targeted, relevant questions
Give your members a voice and an opportunity to connect
Gain insight into your membership and what's important

SBI is looking to ensure that the education we provide is making a meaningful impact in the way our physician members practice. PropFuel allows our members to share how they are applying the tools we have given them to help promote better patient care.

Yasmeen Fields

Executive Director

It’s more than just taking a big survey and making it shorter. We’re inviting members to give authentic feedback. It gives our members the opportunity to get to the heart of what they care about.

Scott Douglas

Sr. Director of Membership and Business Fields

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