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Engagement starts with a question

PropFuel's contextual engagement platform empowers organizations to Ask, Capture and Act to personalize the member experience

How can PropFuel help you generate revenue?

Convert Prospective Members

Ask prospects in your industry questions to gain context and take relevant action with automated member-drives guiding them through a journey leading directly to membership registration.

Increase Member Retention

Drive retention with questions over email that capture member needs and immediately respond with custom actions directing them to resources and tools that meet their individual needs.

Win Back Lapsed Members

Drive engagement from expired members starting with questions to gain context and take action with automated workflows based on their answer, all leading towards renewed memberships.

Personalize engagement at every stage
of the member lifecycle

Deploy and configure two-way connectors in minutes

Automation requires easy integrations through API’s. Connect your CRM or AMS in seconds allowing member status, expiration/join date, or any other contact field to add someone to a campaign. Then when they answer, update their profile in their AMS contact record to be shared with other applications.

Engage with immediacy to create a personalized experience

Contextual Engagement is about engaging with members at exactly the right moment in their journey to capture context so your communications deliver more relevance. So whether they’re prospective members, new members, lifetime members, or lapsed members, you’re engaging them based on what they need at that moment in time.

Leverage workflows and the power of automation

Asking the questions and capturing context is followed by an equally, and arguably the most important part of the process: automated action! Based on how a person answers a question, deliver automate responses, initiate data transfers, and send alerts so that their voice really makes a difference in how you engage them.

Innovative organizations choose PropFuel

I never thought we would have the bandwidth to create an effective engagement program for our members, but PropFuel's service was invaluable helping us get set up quickly. Now we're engaging new members, existing members and lapsed members with automated workflows.

Liliana Argüello
Director, Membership

PropFuel is bad a**! I swear I was just about to call this member to check on their renewal and then got the alert from PropFuel that they were planning to renew. 

23% response rate and the increase in renewals is awesome. Plus I like that it verifies some of the things I'd been wondering.

Andy Duncan
VP, Membership

I highly recommend If you aren't using PropFuel to drive engagement, you are missing out.  I highly recommend PropFuel.  Great tool that helps us learn what members need and create conversations and value with them.  Our members are loving how we are using it, to give them a voice.

Jacqueline Gloria
Manager, Member Development

The PropFuel Platform

Take the guesswork out of understanding and acting on member needs. PropFuel's platform enables you to ask questions, capture context, and act in real time for a personalized member experience.

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