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Connected Members through Conversations

PropFuel associations are experiencing deeper engagement, increased membership and revenue by starting conversations with members, at scale.

Explore our ebooks and case studies below to begin your shift toward more human-like engagement with your current and future members.

Engagement eBook

The concept of Conversational Engagement is about how we can take the basic concepts of communication that work so well one-on-one and apply them to our communication efforts at scale.

In our newest ebook, we present the concept of conversational engagement and related topics, including:

-Engagement vs. Personalization
-Zero-Party Data
-Voice of the Member
-Engagement vs. Opens
-People, Not Personas
-Two-way Communications
-Conversations at Scale

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Voice of the Member eBook

Many associations have stuck to outbound communications - telling members about the association instead of asking individuals what they need and want - and missing out on valuable context in the process. Long term, this strategy results in missed opportunities for revenue and deeper engagement.

This eBook introduces the concept of Voice of the Member, which is part of the PropFuel engagement process: Ask, Capture and Act. Capturing the voice of each member tells you what your members are doing and what they need and want in real-time. No longer is there a need for guesswork based on what they purchased or clicked on in the past.

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Fireside Fuel

Our Fireside Fuel video series highlights associations who are using PropFuel and seeing big results! Watch to see how our clients are expanding engagement, gaining member insights and increasing revenue using PropFuel. Click on the association to learn more and watch each conversation:

Professionals in Human Resources Association
Special Libraries Association

How are associations gaining new insights and delivering value to their members?

Click on the image to learn more about each case study and access your complimentary copy.

PIHRA's Journey to Understanding Member Renewal Intentions Before They Lapse

with PropFuel to implement a conversational engagement strategy. This shift in communication style aimed to transform the traditional renewal process into a dynamic, interactive dialogue with members, ultimately increasing retention rates and member value recognition.

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Infusion Nurses Society Starts Conversations About DEI, Build Member Profiles

Infusion Nurses Society utilized PropFuel for two innovative campaigns: one to explore Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) challenges, and the other gather accurate member profile data for improved future engagement.

What questions did they ask to start a conversation and move members to action?

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What Associations Can Learn from Amazon CTA EMEA

How are you capturing the voice of the member as part of your pre- and post-conference communications? Take an idea from Amazon's EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) Consumer
Talent Acquisition Team.

How did they create a virtual event that felt personal for their 200+ team members?

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ASAE uses the Ask, Capture, Act Method to Engage Members Year-Round

ASAE used PropFuel to build a sequenced, year-round campaign to connect directly with new and renewing members on various aspects of their career, member experience and needs.

How is ASAE engaging members daily using PropFuel's Ask-Capture-Act method?

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MSTA Uses PropFuel as Essential Tech Platform for Engagement

MSTA is utilizing PropFuel extensively to engage their members in two-way communications, from the prospecting stage with nonpaying students to active member referrals.

How is MSTA is using PropFuel to generate revenue and gain new information directly from the Voice of the Member?

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How SLA Engaged New Members & Re-engaged Lapsed Members

Special Libraries Association (SLA) had two common association challenges to solve: connecting with 700 new members in an individualized way and reengaging 4,500 lapsed members to encourage renewal.

What questions did they ask, what new data did they capture and how did they used that context to elevate member engagement and identify revenue opportunities?

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Ask, Capture & Act to Convert Prospective Nonmembers to Members

International Technology Law Association realized they had the opportunity to engage 1,300 nonmember webinar registrants with the intent of converting them to paid members. How did they do it?

How did they determine who was ready to join, and how did they call them to action?

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PropFuel Doubles New Member Count Over Traditional Marketing in A/B Test Campaign

One PropFuel client in the healthcare industry utilizes what they call “guest accounts” (trials) as an acquisition strategy. They conducted a 3-month experiment to determine which method of post- trial communications would result in more conversions: their existing email technology or PropFuel.

Which campaign resulted in higher membership conversions?

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HSMAI Had 700 Lapsed Members to Win Back. Here's How They Re-Engaged Members.

In summer 2020, Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International realized it had an opportunity to win back over 700 lapsed members.

In an industry particularly hard-hit by COVID-19, how could they go about it while being sensitive to the realities of their members?

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NYACP's Single Question Quiz That Doubled Member Satisfaction

When members of the New York Chapter American College of Physicians (NYACP) received an email with a clinical quiz question they could answer directly in the email, it was the perfect pattern interrupt from their normal incoming communications.

How did they set up the campaign, and what happened to their Net Promoter Score after implementing it?

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Average click through rate on PropFuel action emails.
Average percentage of members who didn't even know their membership lapsed until our associations asked them.
Number of new members one association gained with a single PropFuel email, versus 40 in their traditional marketing system (A/B test).

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