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Connected Members through Conversations

PropFuel associations are experiencing deeper engagement, increased membership and revenue by starting conversations with members, at scale

MSTA Uses PropFuel as Essential Tech Platform for Engagement, Revenue Generation & Data Enrichment

MSTA is utilizing PropFuel extensively to engage their members in two-way communications across the board, from the prospecting stage with nonpaying students to active member referrals. The following campaigns offer a glimpse into how MSTA is using PropFuel to generate revenue, ensure members don’t slip through the cracks and gain new information directly from the Voice of the Member.

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How are other PropFuel associations getting conversations started with their communities?

Explore these case studies highlighting PropFuel campaigns across the member lifecycle!

PropFuel Doubles New Member Count Over Traditional Marketing in A/B Test Campaign

One PropFuel client in the healthcare industry utilizes what they call “guest accounts” (trials) as an acquisition strategy. They conducted a 3-month experiment to determine which method of post- trial communications would result in more conversions: their existing email technology or PropFuel. Which campaign resulted in higher membership conversions?

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ASAE uses the Ask, Capture, Act Method to Engage Members Year-Round

In the midst of COVID-19, ASAE (American Society of Association Executives) wanted to roll out consistent communications with their members to discover more about them and what they were looking to achieve, as well as help them align ASAE’s benefits with their current needs.

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Ask, Capture & Act to Convert Prospective Nonmembers to Members

International Technology Law Association realized they had the opportunity to engage 1,300 nonmember webinar registrants with the intent of converting them to paid members.See how they engaged them, identified those who were ready to join and started a conversation with them over email to move them to action.

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Average click through rate on PropFuel action emails
Average percentage of members who didn't even know their membership lapsed until our associations asked them with PropFuel
Number of new members one association gained with a single PropFuel email, versus 40 in their traditional marketing system (A/B test)

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