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The Art of Winning Back Lapsed Members

Member-based organizations face a common challenge: keeping their members engaged and retaining them year after year. A significant part of addressing this challenge involves winning back those who have lapsed. The reasons behind a member's decision not to renew can vary widely, from a perceived lack of value to simply forgetting to renew. PropFuel, a conversational engagement platform for email and SMS engagement, offers a unique approach to not only understand why members lapse but also how to win them back effectively.

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Transform How You Connect with Your Members

Elevate your member engagement strategies with insights from Dave Will, Co-Founder & CEO of PropFuel. Dive into PropFuel where the art of conversation meets cutting-edge technology. Learn how our question-based listening platform revolutionizes engagement and transforms how associations interact with members. Discover how PropFuel collects member data and acts on it immediately, paving the way for more relevant, personalized interactions. Embrace the future of member engagement with PropFuel and transform how your organization connects, retains, and grows its membership base.

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The Magic of Member Retention

Unlock the secrets to boosting member retention rates with inspiration from the world of magic. Discover how to create enchanting member experiences by eliminating friction in their journey, streamlining processes, and engaging in digital mind-reading. Learn the art of building lasting connections, acknowledging milestones, and fostering a sense of belonging. Embrace the magic to make member attrition disappear and transform your association into a captivating success story.

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The Case Against Segments 

Everyone says, “We need to segment our audience,” as if that’s the solution. It’s not. All that does is puts people in buckets. Nobody puts Baby in a bucket #PatrickSwayzeRules I’m not bashing segments completely. Naturally, segmentation is way better than mass emailing everything to everyone, but it’s far from the end-all. Segmentation is a good start, and it does get us closer to the goal, but experts in our space need to do better in terms of thought leadership on this topic.

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