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Three Tips to Welcome New Members

One of the things I take great pride in as an entrepreneur is finding the right team to create value, and I nailed it again! I’m so excited to introduce our newest team member who will be focused on your success using PropFuel. Meet Melissa.

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It’s About People, Not Personas

In association communications, generally we know how best to administer digital communications. We try to avoid bombarding members with too many messages. We know that we need to respond to direct messages that come in through our social channels, and promptly. We know that video and photo engage better than copy alone. We know which days of the week to send email for the highest open rate. It’s clinical, isn’t it? Do this, not that. Personas, behaviors, clicks and broadcasts. Our members still are cogs in a wheel, receiving what we spit out and being asked to consume it. In associations or in healthcare, can we afford to treat our members and patients this way? Is it true engagement?

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Personalization is Not Personal: 7 Tactics to be More Human

The people in your organization are not units, or attendees, or registrants, or even members. They’re people. They’re not clicks or opens. We have loads of lists and buckets and bubbles and segments that we put people into to try to understand them better. We send out surveys to dissect them as if they’re deceased frogs in formaldehyde. It’s time to stop thinking about what we want and how to get it and start thinking about building stronger connections with people. With stronger connections, with true one-to-one interaction, we really start to understand each other. There’s a bond.

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Give Your Staff Conversational Superpowers With the PropFuel Integration

With this new Rhythm - PropFuel integration, you have the ability to create queries in Rhythm that feed contacts directly into PropFuel conversational engagement campaigns. These campaigns allow you to ask questions of your members, capture the Voice of the Member through structured and unstructured responses, and take immediate action with automated workflows.

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Finding, Converting & Keeping Members

Discovering potential members, getting them to join and keeping them: it's what member-based associations do! PropFuel client, Missouri State Teachers Association, is rocking it. They're using PropFuel as a central piece of their technology stack, from generating potential member leads to winning back lapsed members.

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Three Tips to More Deeply Engage Your Members

At PropFuel, we're all about helping associations connect more personally with members and future members. Here are a few quick tips on how to do it!

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