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Questions: Asking the Right Ones at the Right Time

It can be hard to take the conversational approach that you’ve worked your whole life to perfect in face-to-face conversation and translate it to PropFuel to create a more meaningful member experience, especially since conversational engagement is such a new approach to email. We've created the PropFuel Question Guide to make it easy.

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Infusion Nurses Society Uses PropFuel for DEI Initiative, Member Profile Building

In our newest case study featuring Infusion Nurses Society, we highlight fresh use cases of the platform that I think you’ll want to consider. One is an open text campaign asking for member stories on DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion). The second is a profile building campaign, where INS helped members update thousands of member data fields with just a click or two.

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Big Tech Changes and Open Rates: What Does it Mean for Associations?

Apple's anticipated iOS15 is expected to be released next week. Among its new features will be Mail Privacy Protection, which will stop senders from using invisible tracking pixels to collect information about the recipient, including when someone opens an email. This change will have a profound impact on your analytics if you're looking only at open rate and other tracking instead of having conversations with your members.

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What is Zero Party Data Anyway?

You’ve probably heard something recently about “zero party data” (ZPD). The term is everywhere in the marketing and tech world, and it’s showing no sign of going away anytime soon thanks to increased consumer awareness of online privacy and some big tech privacy changes in recent years, like the anticipated release of Apple iOS 15 later this month.

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Are You Inviting Your Members to Engage?

Chances are, if you’re only sending broadcast emails then your members are less engaged than you think, even if your open rates tell a different story. That’s because open rates and engagement aren’t the same thing. Open rates simply tell us that someone opened our email. We can’t tell whether they found it helpful or whether they need something more that wasn’t included in our email.

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Using Technology to Have Conversations at Scale

The challenge in embracing Conversational Engagement is figuring out how to take a concept that works well when you have one person - or 10 people - to talk to, and make it work with 1,000 or 10,000 or 50,000 people. As is increasingly the case in today’s world, the solution can be found in technology.

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