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Articles on how context can help you supercharge your engagement efforts.

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Engagement During Times of Separation: How Associations are Staying Connected with Their Members

The year 2020 brought its share of challenges; still, associations were able to connect with their members through two-way, individualized engagement. They Asked compelling questions, Captured insights directly from the voices of their members and Acted on their needs in real time.

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Why Members Join & Why They Renew

Why do your members join? I'm surprised at how often I hear "discounts." It's pretty much tied with "content and resources." Instead, let's help them get connected with other members, with the staff, with mentors and mentees. Let's get them volunteering and interacting with their peers.

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Santa Signs with PropFuel to ASK, CAPTURE and ACT

Now instead of trying to connect with millions of children, one at a time, asking questions (which only Santa could do, by the way), he's opted to check-in with kids by asking questions year round and marrying the feedback with "behavioral" data to act accordingly - pun intended.

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PropFuel and Marketing Automation

You might be thinking, “My marketing automation system already does that.” While there are common threads in functionality between PropFuel and marketing automation systems - such as outbound email, “if this/ then that” workflows and behavioral data measurement, including opens, clicks and downloads - organizations use PropFuel to achieve different engagement outcomes entirely.

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What is Behavioral Data?

Behavioral data represents a wide range of actions and engagements by members and prospects of your organization. While some behavioral data could be sitting in your AMS or CRM, it’s likely that a lot of this data is recorded and housed in your marketing and communications platforms. Now that you have it, what do you do with it?

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What do Bear Grylls and Black Mirror Have in Common?

The directors behind these shows have created brilliant stories that draw us in. They create a story and show it to us. Much like Stephen King or J.K. Rowling write and tell us a story. They're brilliant at what they do.

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