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Two-Way Communications

Conversational􏰄 Engagement is based on the premise that what your members have to tell􏰄􏰄 you is just as important as what you have to tell􏰄􏰄 your members. There are many ways to get your members to ta􏰄k to you; we call􏰄􏰄 them 􏰟􏰠􏰢conversation starters. 

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What's Missing From Today's Communications?

As association professionals with heaps of valuable information to share digitally with our members, we’ve all found ourselves asking “what’s missing?” That is, “why am I sending emails and not getting the response I need.” Whether event or education registration, membership renewals and everything in between, we all wish engagement was higher.

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Conversational Engagement, the Ebook

Conversational engagement is a concept of two-way, personal communications that enables people to communicate more humanly. Thanks to technology, we can engage members both at scale and on a one-to-one level. The conversational engagement ebook details the concept and ideas to implement it in your organization.

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Stop Frankensteining!

When I interviewed for a position with PropFuel a few weeks ago, I told Dave that I wanted to be part of the team because PropFuel is the tool I needed but didn’t have for the past eight years as an association marketer. I’ve always known how important it was to communicate with members, but for so long I relied on products that only communicated to my members.

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Three Tips to Welcome New Members

One of the things I take great pride in as an entrepreneur is finding the right team to create value, and I nailed it again! I’m so excited to introduce our newest team member who will be focused on your success using PropFuel. Meet Melissa.

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It’s About People, Not Personas

In association communications, generally we know how best to administer digital communications. We try to avoid bombarding members with too many messages. We know that we need to respond to direct messages that come in through our social channels, and promptly. We know that video and photo engage better than copy alone. We know which days of the week to send email for the highest open rate. It’s clinical, isn’t it? Do this, not that. Personas, behaviors, clicks and broadcasts. Our members still are cogs in a wheel, receiving what we spit out and being asked to consume it. In associations or in healthcare, can we afford to treat our members and patients this way? Is it true engagement?

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