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Take the guesswork out of understanding and acting on member needs

There is a simple human formula we all use to engage one another. It's so natural we may not even know we are doing it. We ask a question, capture the answer for context, and act on what we hear.

Ask, Capture and Act to Drive Conversational Engagement

Ask Questions

Learn how you can engage members by asking them questions on membership, your industry, current events, their needs and much more.

  • Embedded directly into email and SMS messaging for frictionless engagement
  • Scale questions, Multiple Choice, Y/N, Net Promoter Score, and Open Ended questions to capture the Voice of the Member
  • Questions provide insight but the real difference is in the Action Workflows following the question

Capture Context

Capture responses, which provide context regarding each individuals' needs, professional goals and much more.

  • Understanding WHY will trigger the correct and relevant automated action
  • Campaigns dedicated to moments in the member journey where context matters (member acquisition, onboarding, renewal, lapsed, dormant)
  • Questions dripped over time to maximize global response rate and reduce friction

Act Immediately

Utilize automated workflows, which give you the tools to take action in real time, providing each individual what they need, when they need it.

  • Immediate member response with relevant content: on custom landing pages, in direct response emails, with a redirect to another page, or branch to another question
  • Smart Alerts: when a phone call is needed, when a volunteer is recruited, when a prospect is ready to join, when a member needs help renewing
  • AI Blueprints: Take the guesswork out of your action workflows with AI and automation.
  • Write data collected by PropFuel back to your AMS or CRM, add to an external marketing campaign, add or remove from a conversational campaign in PropFuel
PropFuel was helpful in reaching out to a group of members whose engagement had dropped throughout the last year in an effort to catalyze renewals as part of a lapsed member campaign. Their functionalities were also vital in collecting information that will help guide aspects of future membership campaigns.

Lisa Marie Romano
Digital Marketing
Endocrine Society

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