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How to Free Up Time for You and Your Team (and do things better)

Unlock time-saving possibilities with Blueprints for campaigns in PropFuel. Easily transition from creator to editor, leveraging automation and AI to craft personalized onboarding campaigns that enhance member retention. In the midst of daily chaos, taking a moment to pause is essential. Follow a six-step efficiency plan: review goals, identify and prioritize issues, map processes, self-educate, and optimize through automation and outsourcing. Regardless of your role, you can implement these strategies to improve membership engagement and retention, even with limited resources.

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The Single Key to Better Engagement

The key to better engagement is unveiled: treating association members as individuals with unique needs and emotions, just as you would in a face-to-face interaction. If you'd engage with a new member in person, why not carry that approach into your digital interactions? Explore how this "human" approach can work wonders across various engagement scenarios.

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The 4 Reasons Members Pay Attention

We all get dozens of emails daily, so how can you stand apart from them and send what truly draws members in? The 4 reasons members pay attention; wants, easy, fear, and trust. It's important to understand the people you're trying to engage and give them something they want, make it easy, give them a fearless choice, and be a reliable source. By asking questions at the individual level about these 4 things, you can treat exchanges to maximize engagement.

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What Questions Should You Ask Your Members?

The next time you go to build a communication for members, whether it’s general engagement, for an event or some other purpose, try this approach and see what happens. Ask yourself, “What would be nice to know from members that they care about, and will help us understand them better?”

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No Need to Fear the Software Scaries

Have you heard of the Sunday Scaries? I’ve suffered from this phenomenon myself. If you’re not familiar with the term, it refers to the anxiety - perhaps, dread - that many people feel on Sunday, in anticipation of the work week ahead. Ironically, in the process of anticipating Monday, having the Sunday Scaries actually robs one of the enjoyment of half of their weekend.

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Ask Your Members to Hit Singles, Not Home Runs

Recently, an association leader who was on a call with our team re-stated the challenge of association member communications with a baseball analogy. His take: the majority of communications sent to members are “Home Run Emails,” or emails with calls to action that ask a lot of a member. when this communication style is the majority of how your members are interacting with the organization, they begin to tune out, no matter how great your copy is written and call to action is worded. It all looks and feels the same after a while, literally.

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