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Conversations to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Engaging your members and prospects in conversations isn’t just about touchy-feely vibes. It’s about communicating 1-on-1 in a way that mimics human interaction and drives action. That action could be collecting member dues or event registrations, getting member profiles updated, or identifying unique talents or interests among your community members.

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Welcome, Our New Intern, Robson!

Conversation is what brings people together. It’s what brought me closer to my fellow Brazilians, it’s what made the residents in my hall get engaged, and it’s what got me this internship at PropFuel. Communicating without engaging is just broadcasting, and is less impactful in bringing disconnected people together. PropFuel has given me a chance like no other and I can’t wait to engage with them.

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Props to Client Success!

Have you ever purchased a system or product with every intention of using it, but then it just sits on the shelf? I believe this comes down to the learning curve and time balance. Typically after you buy, there will be a short window where a company will download tons of information to you, just to cut you loose to figure it out. In the wings if you have questions, but for the most part they disappear.

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The Perfect Place to Land

PropFuel takes pride in connecting associations with their members. I wanted to work somewhere I was proud to call home, and customer service is extremely important to me - as a consumer and as an employee. PropFuel understands customer service is crucial, and that everyone benefits from quality interactions.

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Creating Event Registration Campaigns to Sell Seats

I’m always excited when a new client goes “live”— what we at PropFuel call sending your first campaign out — and this past week was no exception! One of our clients, Oklahoma Society of Certified Public Accountants (OSCPA), went live with an event registration campaign last week and saw big success. Here are some things that worked and what we'll do differently in the future. I hope this jogs your creativity and encourages you to build a similar campaign.

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Five Ways Your Member Engagement is Just Like Dating (And How to Decrease Your Chances of Being Ghosted)

Member engagement is just like dating. Members are evaluating your association all the time, with every touchpoint, as though you are dating. And at any point, the association can be ghosted when the member decides the value isn’t there. So, what is the only reasonable, proactive action we can take to learn more about individuals, find out what they need, get a pulse on how they’re feeling or find out if something has gone wrong?

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