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Articles on how context can help you supercharge your engagement efforts.

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Guessing vs. Knowing When Engaging Members

Thinking back on my decade plus of association marketing experience, it's clear to me the instances when I felt most impactful as a marketer. I was most connected when I communicated directly with members, whether it was at an in-person conference, on a webinar or on the phone. But our team wasn't always doing a good job of listening.

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We're Growing and We Need Your Help

Today, my partner, Cameron and I are building another software company called PropFuel, and not only do I love the product, but I also love our clients, and I really love working with our team. There are 4 of us here. Bri runs marketing. Ryan sells. Cam makes the software work. And I get to play with our clients. But, Ryan is selling a lot and we're growing quite fast now. I need some help.

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PropFuel vs. Traditional Marketing: New Member Acquisition

One PropFuel client conducted a 3-month experiment to determine which method of post-trial communications would result in more new member conversions: their existing email technology or PropFuel. Which campaign resulted in higher membership conversions?

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What is Satisfaction Data and How Can It Be Used for Deeper Member Engagement?

Satisfaction data can be gathered not only for the association to get big picture views and make decisions from them. Using PropFuel, satisfaction can be captured by associations to hear the Voice of the Member – unique feedback from each individual – and then act on it. A survey is limited in these individual listening and action-based steps.

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How to Improve the Exit Survey

I've been seeing a ton of questions online recently about how to improve the effectiveness and response rate of an exit survey after a member lapses.When I see these, it makes me scratch my head. Why wouldn't we focus on winning them back while also finding out more from the member? Otherwise, we're just presuming their status as a lapsed member is the end of the road and only sending them a survey asking them questions.

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What is Interest Data and Why Does It Matter?

While associations often know the basics about their members - profile data, for example - they know less about what interests their members. Why does it matter what interests individuals, outside of association-related benefits and offerings?

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