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The AI Magic Wand

Dave Will
July 8, 2024

For the past year, we've been inundated with AI from every direction and everyone is trying to decide how much they're going to invest in learning and "doing" AI. AI is coming at us mostly in the form of ChatGPT or cool new apps utilizing similar LLMs.

One of my favorites this week is Suno (thanks Beth Z for the webinar on crazy AI stuff). It's a song app and will write a song about anything in about 30 seconds. For example - my wife lost her phone and asked me if it was in the room with me. I said no and she asked me to call her phone for her. As it turns out it was right next to me. So of course I asked Suno to write me a song about that.

So yeah, there are some pretty cool apps but IMHO, that's not how most of us will use AI. It's not ChatGPT or Suno that we're going to be tapping into the most. It's the tools that we're already using to do our jobs... your AMS, your marketing automation system, Canva or Microsoft whatever, AND yes, PropFuel, d'uh!

If you're a user of PropFuel and you see this magic wand somewhere

... that means you're using AI.

It might be to create a campaign from scratch from our AI Blueprints, or to create the content of an email or landing page, or simply to create a catchy subject line. Regardless, you're going to see this magic wand throughout the platform.

The moral of the story is that you don't need to CHOOSE to use AI. It's going to be in everything you do whether you like it or not. So relax, just keep doing what you're doing. And keep an eye out for that magic wand.

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