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Conversations to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Melissa Bittner
September 27, 2023

Engaging your members and prospects in conversations isn’t just about touchy-feely vibes. It’s about communicating 1-on-1 in a way that mimics human interaction and drives action. That action could be collecting member dues or event registrations, getting member profiles updated, or identifying unique talents or interests among your community members. Campaign actions are likely tied to larger organizational or departmental goals, like the following:

Growing Revenue

At PropFuel, many of our clients are using conversational engagement to drive membership renewal and retention, win-back former members, and get members and non-members to attend upcoming events.

Increasing Staff Efficiency

Making best use of your team is so important!

A conversational engagement platform like PropFuel will help you have meaningful 1-on-1 conversations at scale, which allows you to spend your time on the members and prospects that need your attention.

For example, if you're chasing your members because they (STILL!) haven't renewed yet, instead of sending them another email with a big button to renew, try building a campaign that asks, "Do you plan to renew your membership?" or "Did you know your membership is about to expire?"

Asking questions, capturing feedback, and taking action through an automated campaign with your members may lead to less hours spent "dialing for dollars" so your team can focus on the folks that truly need assistance with their renewal.

Engaging and Retaining Members

Of course; membership is the lifeblood of any association!

Engaging with your members through conversational engagement is going to give you great insights you can't learn when you're just talking AT your members via broadcast messages. There is no sense in guessing why your members clicked on a link when you could ask them a question like, "Do you plan to renew your membership?" or "Would you like to register for this year's expo?"

These are just a few examples of action-driving campaigns. We've put together some campaign suggestions to help you think about your campaigns based on what your team is looking to achieve (see graphic). While of course we'd love to help you integrate PropFuel into your membership, communications and marketing strategies, we hope these ideas help you be more conversational and achieve your goals no matter what tools you use!

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