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Data At The Doctor's Office

Dave Will
May 3, 2024

You walk into the doctor’s office and you fill out the forms. Your health care provider info, your allergies, your phone number and address (3 times for some reason), etc...

You circle the part of the human outline where it hurts. And then you hand it all in. The nurse brings you into the office but stops by the scale first. You wonder if you should take off your shoes.

You sit down in the private room where the nurse takes your blood pressure and pulse. They type it into the computer.

Then the doctor walks in. They scan the charts and the data, but what’s the first thing they say?

“How are you feeling?”
“What brings you in here today?”
“What’s going on?”

Despite all the transactional data and the behavioral data, the MD asks for context. Without the context, our best guess of what’s going on is weak.

Contextual data, Transactional data and Behavioral data are the trifecta of data to help understand and engage your members.

So loads of data, but what do you do with it? Data is the fuel of actions. Data drives action. And we can utilize the data to the best of our ability to determine what it is your members need and when they need it.

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