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Props to Client Success!

Lisa McNeil
September 27, 2023

Can I take a moment to give "Props" to these two rock stars, Ashley Wucher and Melissa Bittner? They take customer success to the next level!

Have you ever purchased a system or product with every intention of using it, but then it just sits on the shelf? I believe this comes down to the learning curve and time balance.

Typically after you buy, there will be a short window where a company will download tons of information to you, just to cut you loose to figure it out. In the wings if you have questions, but for the most part they disappear.

This is where clients get stuck…inundated with information and paralyzed at the starting line.

You don’t have time to sort through the information to find out where to start and which pieces you’re going to use. You see... there needs to be a habit formed before you can truly add it to your routine.

That’s where Ashley and Melissa come in! They build your first few campaigns in lock-step with you and schedule standing meetings for an entire YEAR to make sure you are getting the full benefit from PropFuel.

I don’t think everyone knows exactly how much time and energy goes into each client. There are late nights and constant collaboration between them to make your experience a success! Behind the scenes they are the driver of the bus, the ones who keep you trucking forward to build the habit.

Thank you ladies for all that you do!

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