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Welcome, Our New Intern, Robson!

Robson Rodrigues
September 27, 2023

I have only been an intern with PropFuel for a couple weeks now, but as I learn more about conversational engagement, I truly wish my school would implement PropFuel as a way to engage us better.

As a college student, I receive broadcast emails constantly. I’m told about numerous clubs and activities, classes that are in my major and classes out of my major, and job opportunities with no regard to my interests. And most importantly, I have no easy way to communicate back to the leadership of the school. I have no voice, which makes me feel disconnected from Framingham State University (FSU).

I chose FSU due to how many Brazilians there are. Being a first generation college student and Brazilian, I wanted to connect with my extended sense of family and culture by attending a school with a higher population of people with similar backgrounds to me. As a Brazilian on campus, it’s easy to spark conversation with other Brazilians, as there’s already a common ground that makes us feel connected. It’s the conversation that brings us closer together and creates a sense of connection.

As a Resident Assistant, I was responsible for creating a strong community among the residents in my hall. While I could leave notes on doors or make a prettier bulletin board for announcements, it didn’t help to get people engaged. What worked again and again was when I was able to spark a conversation with someone.

Conversation is what brings people together. It’s what brought me closer to my fellow Brazilians, it’s what made the residents in my hall get engaged, and it’s what got me this internship at PropFuel. Communicating without engaging is just broadcasting, and is less impactful in bringing disconnected people together. PropFuel has given me a chance like no other and I can’t wait to engage with them.

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