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What's the Difference Between PropFuel and Marketing Automation?

Brianne Wheeler
September 27, 2023

If you're learning about PropFuel and conversational engagement, one question might bubble to the surface for you and your team: What's the difference between PropFuel and marketing automation? There are some very distinct differences between the two; and, you can use the platforms together to create a powerful, ongoing process of understanding member needs and delivering on them.

PropFuel is an engagement platform built to help associations move beyond broadcast-style, digital communications to meaningful, two-way conversational interactions with members. PropFuel helps you listen. An association's capabilities in PropFuel fill in the gaps of marketing automation tools, helping you learn more about your members by asking questions, as opposed to observing behaviors and making inferences about member needs.

The key difference between PropFuel and a marketing automation system lies in how you engage with members. With marketing automation, communications are one-way interactions, from the association to the member. Using PropFuel, an initial question posed to the member, when answered, is driven by the individual and determines what happens next.

Differences between PropFuel and Marketing Automation

The core focus of PropFuel's Conversational Engagement is centered around continually capturing zero-party member data through direct questions, using real-time member input to trigger actions. The exchange becomes about the member, not the association. This ongoing discovery of individual needs helps you build relationships with members over time, leading them to feel more connected and experience individualized value in your membership offerings.

Curious about the specific differences? Download the full guide, What's the Difference Between PropFuel & Marketing Automation?, here.

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